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2 min readFeb 4, 2022


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Crypto games are more diverse than you think. It’s not only the play-to-earn economy. I would say that P2E can be bad in some cases, if the economy is badly built. On the other hand, the real benefit of crypto gaming is NFTs.

Even Vitalik Buterin was to create Ethereum because of the possibility to truly own the character and items, and they cannot be taken even by the developers.

Furthermore, NFTs provide the possibility of being used between games within one ecosystem. The metaverse serves as a “central hub” among games.

Just imagine the possibility of using the same items for different characters in different games. For example, you can farm any resource in a farming simulator, immediately leave it, and walk through the metaverse’s main hub to another one, and use it in some strategy RTS. This is the real benefit of blockchain for games!

Therefore, a lot of developers are working hard to create this ideal gaming world via blockchain. And Enjin has stood out in the crypto industry. Any game connected to the Enjin ecosystem can freely use its NFTs, which means the scenario discussed above could become a reality.

Recently, Age of Rust, a space adventure game on blockchain, collaborated with the Kriptomat exchange, which has The Dragon Riders card collectibles game. To celebrate that as well as deepen the integration, the developers unlocked the dragon flamethrower for every Kriptomat Dragon NFT holder.

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