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3 min readOct 20, 2022

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Do Kwon, founder of the inglorious TerraForm Labs, already has police in 196 countries on his back. Two weeks into the global manhunt, some important clues on Do Kwon’s whereabouts surfaced. Besides, a Discord group that consists of 4,400 people is putting its best effort to track down the infamous entrepreneur. The group called UST Restitution Group (URG) is collecting clues and sharing possible scenarios to find the crypto Waldo.

Possible Runaway Scenarios For Do Kwon

According to the information shared by the UST Restitution Group (URG), Do Kwon could have fled to Dubai, UAE, Russia, Azerbaijan or might be sailing somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea on a getaway luxury yacht. While the last scenario resembles the story of Three Arrows Capital (3AC) and their “Much WOW” boat, the most likely out of these is Dubai, UAE.

This was also confirmed by the South Korean authorities, who have evidence that Do Kwon was in Dubai about a month ago. Most likely, Dubai, UAE could have been a transition stop for the troubled TerraForm Labs CEO. Hence, the authorities have requested neighboring countries to conduct a close investigation of departures & arrivals in the last month.

Previously, South Korean authorities gave Do Kwon two weeks to hand over his international passport or it would be canceled. As the term ends today, the authorities reported to be “working on the nullification process”. Ultimately, this means Mr. Kwon won’t be able to travel between borders.

Do Kwon Deems The Accusations Illegitimate

On top of that, Do Kwon’s interview with Laura Shin for the Unchained Podcast has surfaced. The reporter addressed the elephant in the room — whether or not he feels guilty for Terra’s fiasco. Currently, the charges on Do Kwon include the violation of Capital Markets Law, fraud, and tax evasion. According to the embattled founder of the beaten-down crypto enterprise, the South Korean authorities went out of their jurisdiction, as “crypto is not securities”.

Besides, Kwon went on to say that he has never seen the arrest warrant. However, journalist Laura Shin remarked that the PDF copy of the arrest warrant was definitely sent to him. In response to this, the malevolent Terra (LUNA) founder explained he never opened the file.

Ultimately, the worldwide manhunt for Terra Luna’s Do Kwon is heating up, as Police worldwide and dedicated lynch mobs are after the cocky leader of the crypto Frankenstein. “The highly politicized” case, as Kwon calls it, can answer some questions about the most hard-hitting crypto crash ever, sending down over $60 billion of investors’ money down the drain.

On the Flipside

  • Some crypto enthusiasts on Twitter argue that the UST Restitution Group (URG) is “doing a better job” than the authorities.
  • According to URG, the 4,400 investors are fed up with law enforcement’s lack of effort in returning investors’ funds.
  • Terra Classic USD (USTC) & Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) are pumping this Thursday afternoon because of community burning efforts.

Why You Should Care

TerraFormLabs fiasco, the most shocking crypto crash in history, is solely responsible for $60 billion of investors’ funds down the tubes.

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