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2 min readMay 8, 2022


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After more than a decade since Bitcoin — the first cryptocurrency — was launched publicly, people can finally walk into malls, stores, cafes, cinemas, restaurants, and other venues to spend their various digital assets. If you are a genuine crypto enthusiast, you are probably thinking to yourself, “how far we have come!”

Of course, there is no doubt that a significant portion of the world’s population has witnessed firsthand how cryptocurrency has gone from being completely ignored to becoming a global sensation and an undeniable breakthrough in the world of finance.

That said, as a crypto believer, you will understand why people say that “there is no going back from here” when it comes to the mainstream adoption and use of cryptocurrency.

Today, unlike a few years ago, there are hundreds of businesses and corporate organizations, both online and offline, that now accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment for their product and service.

We have compiled a carefully-curated list of some of the top physical spots where cryptocurrency is accepted, including stores, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, and other venues. So, in no particular order, below are our top picks for physical venues that accept crypto payments.

10. Starbucks

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