Weekly Crypto News Wrap-up for Feb 19-Feb 23, 2024

3 min readFeb 23, 2024


📈 This week, the crypto market demonstrated formidable strength, with Bitcoin steadfastly maintaining the $51k support level and Ethereum surging past $3k. The ability to reach and hold these levels showcases the market’s underlying robustness and investor confidence 🚀🌐.

⚖️ The Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit approaches a critical juncture as the discovery phase wraps up, setting the stage for key upcoming dates. This development has ignited speculation about a possible early settlement, which could significantly impact Ripple and the broader crypto regulatory landscape. The narrowing of the case’s scope in a July 2023 ruling suggests a potential shift in the SEC’s stance, marking a pivotal moment in this high-profile legal battle 🏛️🔍.

📊 The total crypto market cap’s breakthrough to $2 trillion marks a significant psychological milestone, reinforcing bullish sentiment across the sector. Despite prices remaining shy of their November 2021 peak, the recovery to this key threshold stirs anticipation for a potential altseason, indicating widespread optimism among investors for continued market growth 📈💡.

👨‍⚖️ Sam Bankman-Fried is set to make his first court appearance since his November conviction, a momentous event that will shed light on his legal strategy moving forward. As SBF faces the court, his decision on legal representation could have profound implications for his defense and the broader narrative surrounding his case, keeping the crypto community and observers keenly attuned to developments ⚖️🔎.

This week in crypto reflects a blend of market resilience, pivotal legal milestones, renewed investor optimism, and significant individual legal proceedings, illustrating the dynamic and multifaceted nature of the cryptocurrency ecosystem 🌍✨.

Let’s dive into this week’s heavy hitters:

📰 Do Kwon’s Extradition Sealed as SEC Trial Nears

The High Court of Montenegro has reportedly approved the Terraform Labs co-founder’s extradition. But, where is he headed?

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📰 Ripple vs. SEC Case Is in the Endgame: These Are the Key Dates

The Discovery phase has closed in the Ripple vs SEC lawsuit, sparking settlement rumors as key dates approach.

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📰 USDC Exits Tron: Justin Sun Optimistic Despite Circle Snub

Justin Sun underscored his respect and support for Circle’s decision to pull USDC support from the Tron blockchain.

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📰 SBF to Make First Court Appearance Since November Conviction

SBF is due in court on Wednesday for the first time since he was convicted in November.

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📰 Ferrari Enables Dogecoin Integration for Luxury Car Purchase

Dogecoin’s adoption spreads further: Holders can now buy a Ferrari.

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📰 Total Crypto Market Cap Tops $2T to Recapture Milestone

Bullish market sentiment and calls for altseason abound following the total crypto market cap topping $2 trillion once more.

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📰 Forbes Revives Metaverse Hype with Acquisition of Sandbox Land

Metaverse hype returns with a vengeance as Forbes acquires land in the Sandbox ecosystem.

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