Weekly Crypto News Wrap-up for Jan 22-Jan 26, 2024

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📊 Bitcoin’s brief dip below $40k this week hasn’t deterred market optimism. The resilience in holding the $40k level fuels confidence in a sustained uptrend, particularly as the April Bitcoin halving approaches, promising potential for further growth 📈💡.

⚖️ The SEC has dismissed Ripple’s objections to their financial data demands as “baseless,” emphasizing the need for this information in pursuing penalties and ensuring future compliance. This development marks another chapter in the ongoing legal tussle between Ripple and the SEC, highlighting the regulatory scrutiny within the crypto space 🏛️🔍.

👤 In the COPA vs. Wright lawsuit, Craig Wright has proposed a settlement, contingent on recognition as Satoshi Nakamoto, following allegations of forged pivotal evidence. This move adds a controversial layer to the already complex litigation over Bitcoin’s origins and Wright’s claim to the pseudonym 🤔📜.

✈️ A judge has denied former Binance CEO CZ’s request to travel to the UAE, despite a $4.5B collateral offer, leaving him to await his February trial in the US. This decision underscores the legal challenges facing prominent figures in the crypto industry and the stringent measures imposed by judicial authorities 🚫🌏.

Let’s dive into this week’s heavy hitters:

📰 “Ripple is Wrong”: SEC Rejects Ripple’s “Baseless” Claims

The gloves are off in the ongoing courtroom clash between the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple Labs. In a fiery new court filing, the SEC has rejected Ripple’s objections to its demands for financial statements and sales contracts, calling them “baseless” and crucial to determining penalties and preventing future violations.

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📰 Judge Denies CZ’s UAE Travel Request Despite $4.5B Pledge

The indictment of Changpeng “CZ” Zhao by the U.S. Department of Justice on several criminal charges resulted in his confinement within the United States, following prosecutors’ arguments that he posed a flight risk. Since then, the ex-Binace CEO has made multiple efforts to facilitate his return home, all of which have proven unsuccessful.

In his latest attempt, CZ went above and beyond to convince the U.S. judge that his return to the United States could be guaranteed, only to face rejection again.

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📰 Satoshi Litigation Over? Craig Wright Offers Settlement

Bitcoin SV creator Craig Wright is embroiled in high-profile lawsuits, including an intellectual property battle in the UK High Court against the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA). COPA is challenging Wright’s claim that he is the Bitcoin founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, and focused on copyright ownership of the seminal Bitcoin whitepaper, which Wright insists he authored.

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📰 BlackRock Ethereum ETF Joins the Wait as SEC Delays Decision

The cryptocurrency market has been abuzz with anticipation as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) continues its evaluation of over six Ethereum Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) proposals. Issuers include investment management giants BlackRock, Ark Invest, Fidelity, and VanEck, hoping the commission will follow the precedent it set with Bitcoin ETFs.

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📰 Why Tornado Cash’s Trial Is Important as It Seeks Donations

Popular crypto mixer Tornado Cash has dominated headlines for the past two years amid a crackdown spearheaded by law enforcement in the U.S. and the Netherlands over the use of the platform by North Korean hackers to launder illicit funds. The debacle has culminated in the project’s founders, Alexey Pertsev, Roman Storm, and Roman Semenov, facing separate money laundering charges for allegedly facilitating this illicit movement of funds.

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📰 SEC Claims ‘SIM Swap’ Attack Behind X Account Breach

The persistent threat of cyberattacks has presented a continual challenge to the crypto industry’s security level, leading to unauthorized takeovers and, at times, causing substantial losses for investors. However, this vulnerability also extends to major financial giants and industry regulators despite the stringent requirements they have imposed on such firms.

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