Weekly Crypto News Wrap-up for Mar 1-Mar 08, 2024

2 min readMar 8, 2024


Let’s dive into this week’s heavy hitters:

📰 Are Ethereum ETFs Being Hamstrung by SEC’s Securities Claim?

Despite Bitcoin ETF success, Ethereum ETF approvals face delays due to regulatory uncertainty surrounding its classification.

Read more: https://dailycoin.com/are-ethereum-etfs-being-hamstrung-secs-securities-claim/

📰 DEX Volume Surges 70%: Ethereum, Arbitrum, Solana Lead

Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Solana led DEX growth in the past week, which reached a combined weekly volume of $63.2b.

Read more: https://dailycoin.com/dex-volume-surges-70-ethereum-arbitrum-solana-lead/

📰 Will Cat Memecoins Catch Up With Canine Counterparts?

Feline frenzy lights up crypto markets as cat memecoins surge, yet are still worlds apart from doggy-themed tokens.

Read more: https://dailycoin.com/will-cat-memecoins-catch-up-with-canine-counterparts/

📰 Pig Butchering Scams: Beware of These Red Flags

Unsolicited contact. Enticing investment offers. Unfamiliar platforms and rapid gains. All are red flags signaling a potential pig butchering scam.

Read more: https://dailycoin.com/pig-butchering-scams-beware-of-these-red-flags/

📰 Bitcoin Prints God Candle, Explained by BTC On-Chain Metrics

The undeniable success of Bitcoin ETFs infused a landmark rally, proudly portrayed in the Glorious God Candle.

Read more: https://dailycoin.com/bitcoin-prints-god-candle-explained-by-btc-on-chain-metrics/

📰 How Tether Promises to Protect USDT Holders from Disruption

Tether unveils a new tool to safeguard USDT: a recovery dashboard designed to ensure asset accessibility across multiple blockchains.

Read more: https://dailycoin.com/how-tether-promises-to-protect-usdt-holders-from-disruption/

📰 MicroStrategy’s $700M Bitcoin Debt: How Does This IOU Work?

MicroStrategy raises $700 million through convertible notes to buy more Bitcoin and fund business initiatives.

Read more: https://dailycoin.com/microstrategys-700m-bitcoin-debt-how-does-this-iou-work/




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